HL9HCT's Korea Ham Radio Web Page
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Welcome to the Korean Ham Radio Web Page of HL9HCT!

Hello all, and WELCOME to my Korean Ham Radio Web Page. This page is dedicated to ham radio in Korea.

Why Korea? you might ask!? I was stationed in Seoul, South Korea from August 1997 to August 1998. While I was there, I operated 2 meter FM from my barracks room. When I first got there, I had a 3 amp power supply and a 5/8 quaterwave antenna inside of my room - RF hell! After a while I purchased a 15 amp power supply with the help of a local ham for 70,000 won (about $45 at the time) and I upgraded to a J-Pole antenna that was hand made, purchased at a korean ham radio flea market (Held every month in Seoul). 

For US service members going to South Korea, or US residents that are going there to work for the US government, you can operate there, but there are a few conditions:

1. You must be covered under the SOFA agreement (Be a US soldier, family member or DOD employee).

2. You must live on post.*

3. You can not operate mobile or portable - only base operations.*

* Numbers 2 and 3 may have changed - they were working on getting them changed just before I left there.

If you contact the FCC, they can give you contact information in Seoul so you can get your HL9 callsign for the duration of your stay. I will also have a link to HL9DX's web page on here, so he may be able to help you out too (He's an American living in Korea). All HL9 callsigns are US hams, so if you hear one on the HF bands one night, make an extra effort to contact him or her. They will appretiate hearing an American on the radio.

One final note - If you are a tech no code like me, and all you have is 2 meters, get yourself a good power supply and j-pole or some sort of easy to setup, non-intrusive antenna and bring your 2 meter radio with you. You can only operate 144 - 146 mhz, but it's fun. I made over 400 QSO's there and collected over 30 different QSL cards - not too many tech no codes have HL and DS QSL cards! :)
If you are a ham that contacted me when I was in Korea and never received a QSL card, please email me!
My "Shack" in the barracks of the 142nd MP Company

In the pictures above, you see the radio I used while in Korea. It was a Radio Shack HTX-212 mobile, hooked up to a 15 amp power supply. The antenna (which I hope to have a picture of soon) was a J-Pole just outside of my window, at the end of a piece of PVC pipe which was bolted to my window sill. The "shack" was inside of the standard GI issue desk/cabinet/dresser that we had in our barracks. In the first picture, on the left hand cabinet door, below the frequency allocation chart is a map of Korea with all the areas that I contacted highlighted. Next to the radio is my Korean ham license and on the shelf above, next to my power supply is my MARS license (ABM4HC).

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