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KC2SSB's 2 Meter FM Simplex Net Listings


Time Frequency Comments
1200(pst/pdt) 146.445 SVARES/CA
1200(pst/pdt) 146.550 SVARES Klamath, OR/Siskiyou, CA


0800(pst/pdt) 146.480 Hospital Net, Hemet, CA
1930(est/edt) 146.550 RARC (KD4HDR), SC


1930(est/edt) 146.500 Shelby Co, IN ARES
2000(est/edt) 146.610 Clinton Co, IN ARES
2000(est/edt) 146.560 Tomato Net, AD4NB, VA
2000(est/edt) 147.510 Savanah, GA
2100(est/edt) 146.500 Boone County, IN



1900(est/edt) 146.550 Tipton, IN
1900(mst)/0100 UTC 146.580 Pikes Peak Net, CO
2000(est/edt) 147.525 Western SC, EM85 
2030(mst)/0230 UTC 147.480 Mercury ARA, CO


0900(pst/pdt) 146.565 Hemet, CA, 147.535 (Alternate)
2000(est/edt) 146.430 Dundas, Ontario, Canada
2030(est/edt) 146.560 Tomato Net, AD4NB, VA


1930(est/edt) 146.490 Central IN ARES Simplex Net
2000(est/edt) 146.490 Muncie, IN Area Simplex Net
2030(est/edt) 147.510 Henrico, VA ARES
2100(est/edt) 147.530 Jesup, GA


When possible, the grid identifier has been included to give you a better idea of where the net comes from. In most cases, the nets are at the same time, regardless of day light savings time except where noted. If you have any corrections or additions for this list, please contact me!

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